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Our “TEO” heating device delivers 4x the usage of other brands.

The proprietary heating device deploys a leading-edge heating process that provides an unparalleled consumer satisfaction, with minimal cleaning required.

Includes USB-C charging cable.

Supports Neafs Sticks and all brands of Tobacco-based Sticks.

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Blue, Gray, Green, Rose

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Why Choose NEAFS?

Heated Tobacco Experience, Minus The Tobacco.

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Each NEAFS Stick contains a special blend of tea leaves, gently steeped in nicotine and a range of flavours. Compatible with many devices, the NEAFS Stick offers a fantastic alternative nicotine delivery system to conventional cigarettes, avoiding the release of toxins that are created when a cigarette is burnt.

The NEAFS range includes flavours that cannot be achieved with traditional cigarettes, Mojito, Blueberry, and Menthol. For those searching for a tobacco alternative with a traditional flavour, we also have Classic Tobacco and Original flavours too.

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